What is Target Archery?

Target faces have 5 coloured concentric circles with each one having an inner and outer scoring zone. A shot in the innermost circle scores the highest value (10 points), whilst a shot in the outermost circle scores the lowest value (1 point).

Target divisions include the compound bow and the recurve bow. The maximum distance shot for the men’s open division is 90 metres and for the women’s open division is 70 metres. For youth under the age of 13 the maximum distance is 40 metres.

Events at the Olympic Games are in the outdoor target discipline and use the recurve (Olympic) bow. The compound bow is very popular. On average they are faster, more accurate and easier to shoot than a recurve bow. Competition has reached new heights with this equipment.

What is Matchplay?

This is what you see at the Olympics, the World Cup and the World Championships. Shot only at 70 metres for recurves, and 50 metres for compounds, it is difficult, competitive and yet extremely enjoyable. In Australia we shoot Matchplay at our internationally attended Australian Open.

What is Indoor Archery?

In Victoria we have quite a few indoor clubs and venues where you can shoot without being influenced by the weather conditions. The average distance is 18 metres and the size of the target face is around 1/3rd the size of the outdoor face.

There is also the Indoor Grand Prix designed for the new archer shooting a challenge (handicapped) round and for the experienced archer shooting the open round.

What is Field Archery?

Field archery is a great way to enjoy the Australian bush. Archers traverse a natural bush course whilst taking into account the variations of the terrain when shooting. The equipment used is generally the same as target archery. The International round of FITA field consists of 24 targets shot mostly at marked distances. Three arrows are shot at each target for a total of 72 arrows. With a 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring zone a score of 432 points is possible. The challenge is to take in variances in terrain and natural obstacles. Distances range from a minimum 5 metres to a maximum of 60 metres dependant on competitor’s age and bow type.

What is Clout Archery?

This is a carryover from the medieval days when archers had to shoot over castle walls sometimes using flaming arrows. Today we shoot at a triangle sitting just above the ground (called the Clout).

Youth start at 100 metres whereas adult men shooting a compound can be as far away as 180 metres. Clout may be shot with sights or without sights. Clout caters for all age groups and bow types.

What is a Longbow?

Long Bow

If you have that historical/medieval bone in your body then you may wish to try the longbow. Used throughout history it has changed very little over the years and is used in competitions by those that wish the ultimate challenge of shooting a bow.

Arrows may be made of wood or aluminium but must use feathers instead of the more common rubber fletches.

What is a Recurve Bow?

Recurve Bow
A single string bow that is used exclusively in the Olympics. In the Freestyle Recurve configuration your 1st year cost can be between $500 to $900 which will keep you going for many years in the social and recreational environment. The price includes the cost of sights, stabilisers and arrows.

When you decide to set your sights on open competition then you would trade-in your existing equipment for some of the high performance equipment and that can cost you up to $3,000. The price includes the cost of sights, stabilisers and arrows required to shoot in this division.

In the Barebow Recurve configuration the cost is around 30% less as sights and stabilisers are not allowed. Barebow Recurve is one of the biggest divisions in America and Europe and is one of the hotly contested divisions in the World Field Championships.

What is a Compound Bow?

Compound Bow

These bows can be shot in the Freestyle division or the Barebow Division. In your 1st year in the Freestyle division you could expect to pay between $500 to $900 which will keep you going for many years in the social and recreational environment. The price includes the cost of sights, stabilisers

and arrows. If in the following years you may wish to get into open competition then you would trade-in your existing equipment for the top of the line bow, arrows and accessories where you could expect to pay up to $3,000. In the Barebow Compound division you would expect to pay around 30% less. This price is lower as sights and stabilisers are not allowed.


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